Red Dragon Capital Ltd is a niche firm that specialises in fund origination in the real estate sectors. More specifically, the company is engaged in the creation of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) and other recognized investment funds for launch on major world stock exchanges. This involves identifying market needs and assembling the required assets with the assistance of investment banks and other professionals.

The company may take a direct equity stake in certain assets or funds and may assist in the creation of fund managers.  However, RDC is not a fund manager and does not offer investment advice to the public or seek to directly raise funds from the public. These tasks are completed by investment banks and appropriately regulated partners. The typical size of a fund at launch is USD$300m – USD$1bn.

The company and its advisers also have specific expertise in property development and we may therefore invest in and enhance certain assets using this expertise before later placing them into a fund. The quality of our developments has been recognised by outside bodies including local and regional UK government authorities.

The company has diversified into the sustainability sector both owing to the business opportunities and to the ethical beliefs of its founders. The company will still retain its real estate expertise and invest in this sector.

RDC was launched in the UK in 2010 and now has a presence in South East Asia as well as Europe.